Jaune (/ʒon/) is the French word for yellow and is pronounced like Jones (of Jack and Jones) without the ending S

Jaune is for contemporary party people who like to go out. It is like a second home for meeting other interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere.

When there are no events planned, this is the weekly schedule.

On Mondays, many international students come to Jaune for the happy hour between 11 p.m. and midnight, and they mingle with Dutch college students.

On Thursday evening Jaune opens at 11 p.m. for people who have the Jaune Key. The beer costs this night only 2 euros a glass so treating your friends is easy and affordable.

On Friday and Saturday evening Jaune opens the doors at 11 p.m. and (when there are no events planned) the dancefloor opens at 1 a.m. with our own D.J for a swinging sound.

In Leiden there are city rules for opening and closing times.

From Sunday till Wednesday the doors have to close at 1 a.m.

From Thursday till Saturday the doors have to close at 2 a.m.

When you are inside the night can be stretched till dawn!

Whenever the weather allows our floating terrace is open! During weekdays you can enjoy the terrace till midnight, and on fridays & saturdays till 1:30 am!

Yes, Jaune offers many possibilities, please use the contact form on this site for inquiry.

No, a lively place is never “finished”, during daytime we work hard on improvements to serve you better at night-time!

Or Yes, Jaune is since 16 January 2019 ready to party and happy to welcome you!

Early birds are our most precious customers. They make the party going, so we like to reward the people who dare to invest in a party above the people who are waiting for others to go first.

If it is not sold out there are tickets left. If it is sold out, the no-show tickets are sold 30 minutes before closing time.

Odessa is alive in our memories and in the cloud, known as a place where many generations of students had memorable first experiences.

Study and Work

During the day on weekdays Jaune is open for people who want to study or work on their laptop. Gatherings and meetings are also possible. Please use the contact form for a key or a time-slot.

Yes! We have a Wifi network that is open to our guests.

Jaune Key

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With the Jaune key on your smartphone you can mostly enter without showing your ID.

It provides you with an up to date calendar of coming events. You can buy tickets for the events in the app.

Every Thursday you can get beers for only 2 euro a glass between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

the QR-key in the Jaune –app will be given to people:

– Who contribute to good atmosphere.

– Who like to meet different other people.

– Who treat other people and opinions respectfully

– Who keep the good vibe even after a few drinks!

Yes, without key it is still possible to enter when you behave gently. Keys will gradually be distributed to our loyal customers in Leiden, providing easy access and some more benefits.